Sweet and Savoury Gift Basket

Sweet and Savoury Gift Basket

Sweet and Savoury Gift Basket

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 We’ve crafted the Sweet and Savory gift basket that is full of scrumptious delights wrapped up in love and warm wishes. Our Sweet and Savoury Gift Basket is the perfect balance of the sweet and the savoury needed for the ultimately balanced gift basket! This basket is sure to please all taste buds!

Sweet and Savoury Gift Basket includes:

– Crispy Tin Sesame Crackers

– Pizza Bread sticks Grissini from Milano

– Lindor Lindt Chocolate Box

– Rustic Bakery  Crackers

– Castello Brie Cheese

– Rafaello Chocolate Box

– Delice Meringue Nut

– Godiva Coffee Chocolate Truffle

Sweet and Savory Gift Basket will arrive wrapped in cellophane and decorated with a large elegant bow, a complimentary greeting card is included as well.


Has someone around you been feeling a little unwell lately? Do you wish there was something you could give them that would bring a little smile on their face and make their day a little bit better? Have you been searching around the internet for the perfect gift for them?

We know those situations show up from time to time where you can’t decide what will best help someone recovering from sickness or battling a disease. To solve the problem, at Alexandria Gifts, we’ve crafted this Sweet and Savory gift basket that is full of scrumptious delights wrapped up in love and warmth.

When someone is sick, something good to eat always works to add a little cheer. Medication and sick-food can really take the fun out of life. This gift basket will be sure to deliver your ‘well wishes’ with a touch of good taste.

Here’s everything that the basket contains.

Crispy Tin Sesame Crackers: These sesame crackers will take the taste of those bitter medications away in an instant and replace it with delicious, crunchy goodness.

Pizza Bread Sticks Grissini From Milano: These bread sticks by Milano will make any day brighter. Have them as they are or dip them in your favorite jam.

Lindor Lindt Chocolate Box: Who doesn’t enjoy some good Lindt chocolate, especially when one is sick?

Rustic Bakery Crackers: Had too many sweet things and want something savory? These crackers will bring a savory twist to your day.

Castello Brie Cheese: Castello Brie Cheese will make mid-afternoon snacks a lot more delightful for your everyday cheese lover.

Raffaello Chocolate Box: Who could go wrong with a box of Raffaello chocolate? Celebrate friendship, love and encourage good health with some high quality chocolate.

Delice Meringue Nut: Want something nutty and delicious mixed with rich dark chocolate? Delice Meringue Nut will be sure to satisfy any nut cravings at any time.

Godiva Coffee Chocolate Truffle: Can’t get enough chocolate in the basket? Here’s a cult favorite addition!

The Sweet and Savory Gift Basket can be delivered anywhere in Canada. In case the person you want to send it to lives in Toronto, GTA, you can also avail free, same-day delivery with our delivery service.

The gift basket comes carefully bundled in love and secured with cellophane and decorated with an elegant bow to delivery your good wishes. We also make sure to include a complementary greeting card.




Thank you Alexandria Gifts for beautiful baby gift basket you delivered to my sister last week. Even it was a short notice, gift was so cute, baby stuff, toys and book were the best quality. My sister was very happy, I am your customer again for sure and recommending you in the future to all my friends and family!

Garcia Alvares

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Alexandria Gifts Team <3

I cannot express how thankful and happy I am with the quality of their service. It was literally 11am and I was on phone with Alex at the store and was explaining how I want to surprise my boyfriend by sending him his favorite chocolates and he said it will be done without a worry. Less than 3 hours later I get a call from my happy man telling me how much he loves the present. Thank you Alex for making our day - I am certainly your repeat customer


Thank you for your excellent service. Your communication made it so easy to order exactly what I needed to send to my aunt in Toronto, she loved it and was so surprised. Ordering from Adelaide Australia was not an issue. Your gifts are excellent value and original.
Once again thank you, I would definitely recommend you to anyone and use you again.
Regards Mary 💐💐💐 Adelaide Sth Australia

Mary Joanni

It was a truly special moment when I saw the look on my dads face when he received your basket.
Alexandria Gifts thank you for making Fathers Days truly special, your gift basket was much more than I had expected and the quality of products was evident at first sight.

Kiki Vaggalis

I received my Valentine Gift from my boyfriend and was so happy. It was delivered to my house and I was super excited to see such an amazing basket. It was the perfect Valentines Basket. The quality of the products was so good, every product was amazing quality. There was so much good snacks, I could literally snack on everything for more than a month. This truly put a big smile on my face.

Allison McGregor
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