Movie Time Gift Basket

Movie Time Gift Basket


Movie time gift basket is great for any occasion. Just add a movie and you are set for the night. The basket has popcorn, theater boxes of candy, pops and much more …

Movie time Gift Basket includes:

– East Shore Sugar Spice Pretzels
– TooGoodGourmet White Chocolate Mini Twist
– Brownie Brittle
– Be-bop biscotti
– East Shore Seasoned Pretzels
– Sugar Cookies
– Gourmet Popping Corn 2 bags
– Pepsi in the glass bottle

Movie Time Gift Basket will arrive wrapped in cellophane and decorated with a large elegant bow, together with complimentary greeting card.



Celebrating Father’s Day? What better way than a movie night at home with the entire family, making sure it’s a night your Dad remembers, forever? But don’t just show up with a movie, here’s a thoughtful gift idea that will make it a night hard to forget and will complement the event perfectly: The Movie Time Gift Basket by Alexandria Gifts!

Specifically put-together to elevate the movie-with-the-family experience, this gift basket was crafted to be shared with friends, family, and the people you hold close and enjoy quality time together to the fullest.

East Shore Sugar Spice Pretzels: Tired of eating popcorn while watching a movie and craving a change of flavor? These Pretzels taste like heaven on earth with their unique sugar spice flavor and will soon become a must-have for your movie sessions!

Too Good Gourmet White Chocolate Mini Twist: If you’ve never heard of people having chocolate while watching movies, you’ll be the first one of rave about the combination after trying this white chocolate mini twist!

Brownie Brittle:
Craving something chocolate-y and biscuit-y? This brownie brittle will not disappoint you. These rich and heavenly chocolate flavored cookies will make sure you never go back to conventional movie watching with just a bowl of popcorns to munch on!

Be-Bop Biscotti:
If you’re the type of person who starts craving coffee in the middle of a movie, here’s a tip: don’t drink it alone! Pair it up with Be-Bop biscotti and make the most of both, the coffee, and your favorite movie!

East Shore Seasoned Pretzels:
Had too much sweet and now you’re craving for something savory? Don’t worry, we got you. These pretzels are seasoned with herbs and garlic to make a hearty delicacy to munch on while watching a movie.

Sugar Cookies:
If you’re not in the mood for rich, thick and heavy flavors, or savory delights, we’ve got just the delicacy for you: sugar cookies! These lighthearted cookies are buttery and tender and are the perfect fit for people who only prefer light snacking during movie time.

Gourmet Popping Corn 2 Bags:
Can’t just skip the tradition entirely, now can we? For the popcorn lovers, if you’re going down the traditional movie-night route with popcorn, why not opt for gourmet ones? Enjoy!

Pepsi In A Glass Bottle:
Movies are incomplete without Pepsi, and so is a snack-binge. Enjoy the night sharing some chilled Pepsi with   your loved ones!

You can rely on our efficient delivery service to deliver the Movie Time Gift Basket to your close ones anywhere in Canada. If the people you’re sending the gift to live in the Toronto GTA, you can also avail free, same-day delivery.

The Movie Time Gift Basket will arrive wrapped in cellophane, topped with a bow, and including a complementary greeting card.