Valentine’s Day Gift Basket – Happy Day Gift

Valentine’s Day Gift Basket – Happy Day Gift


Happy Day Gift Basket is the perfect, personalized token of your affection and appreciation this Valentine’s Day—an unforgettable keepsake and a wonderful treat!

Valentine’s day Gt Basket -Happy Day Gift includes:

– Crispy Sesame Crackers

– Godiva Chocolate Truffles

– Toffee Shortbread Cookies

– Cupido Espresso Dessert Cups

– Tuscan Style Crackers Focaccia Crisps

– Godiva Chocolate Bar

– Lindor Chocolate Bar

– Chocolate Coffee Beans

Your Valentine’s Day Gift Basket will arrive wrapped in cellophane and decorated with a large elegant bow, complimentary greeting card is included as well.


The warm, fuzziness of being in love is an unparalleled feeling; the sheer happiness of being in love makes you feel like you’re on top of the world.

If you’ve got someone special in your life that makes you feel like butterflies and rainbows are bursting inside you, show them how much you care with Alexandria Gifts’ Happy Day Gift Basket. This uniquely designed, professionally-curated gift basket is filled to the brim with delicious treats that capture the sweetness of your sentiments.

This gift basket is the perfect, personalized token of your affection and appreciation this Valentine’s Day—an unforgettable keepsake and a wonderful treat!

The Happy Day Gift Basket includes:

Crispy Sesame Crackers—This delicious snack is a crispy, crunchy treat to cleanse your palate in the midst of all those sweet delights. Savour the nutty flavor of these sesame-topped, wafer-thin crackers with every crisp bite.

Godiva Chocolate Truffles—Bursting with rich flavor, this decadent chocolaty treat is fit for any celebration. There’s really nothing as great the cocoa and dark chocolate goodness of these truffles.

Toffee Shortbread Cookies—Sugary, crispy, buttery…toffee shortbread cookies are a great treat to indulge in with your special someone. Treat their sweet tooth to this delicious timeless classic.

Cupido Espresso Dessert Cups—Enjoy this classic combination of chocolate and espresso with these unique dessert cups. These flavorful treats are heavenly for any dessert lover!

Tuscan Style Crackers Focaccia Crisps—Crispy crackers with hints of Parmesan cheese and a delicious blend of Italian spices in every bite, delve into the crunchy goodness of this delicious snack.

Godiva Chocolate Bar—Valentine’s Day is incomplete without the silky, creamy goodness of Godiva chocolates. Your loved one will definitely cherish this velvety smooth milk chocolate bar!

Lindor Chocolate Bar—Bite into the irresistible goodness of this Lindt chocolate bar—the surprisingly smooth center is a treat in itself. This delight is bound to take your special someone’s sweet tooth on an adventure!

Chocolate Coffee Beans—Chocolate and coffee may seem like an unlikely combination but these aromatic, complementary flavors are a perfect, energizing addition to this gift basket.

Alexandria Gifts’ Happy Day Gift Basket’s superior presentation and selection of premium quality goods is the ideal mood-boosting treat your special someone deserves. Whether you’re gifting it to your significant other or closest friends, we’ll deliver your basket to their doorstep all over Canada just in time for Valentine’s Day!

Are you a resident of the Toronto GTA? Alexandria Gifts hand delivers the gift baskets for you on the very same day you order them.

When you order the Happy Day Gift Basket, it’ll arrive beautifully wrapped in cellophane, tied together with a satin ribbon, and topped with a complimentary greeting card.