Monte Cristo Gift Basket

Monte Cristo Gift Basket


So, if your friend just moved into a new house, or your next door empty house just got a new resident, a small gift goes a long way! Our Monte Carlo Gift Basket is perfect to celebrate occasions like this. Here’s everything the basket includes. Monte Cristo is a huge Gift Basket filled with the best quality domestic and imported products. It is perfect for many occasions and recipients. Try an unforgettable gifting experience.

Monte Cristo Gift Basket includes:

– Brut Sparkling Wine

– Hardbite hand crafted kettle chips

– Tim Horton’s coffee

– Lindor chocolate box

  • French assorted truffles
  • Onion seasoned crackers
  • Artisan cookies
  • Heidi milk chocolate
  • Schnider’s chocolate
  • Castello brie cheese
  • Fraktals handmade chocolate
  • Glen Farms Scottish marmalade

This gift basket will arrive wrapped in cellophane, decorated with a large elegant bow, also includes complimentary greeting card.


Shifting to a new house can easily be the most exciting and thrilling time. But it can also be the most stressful. After all, you have to leave your old place, adjust to a whole new one, make friends in your new neighbourhood and create a whole different social life at your new place. Things can get pretty challenging, pretty fast.

At a time like this, there are things that can keep the initial thrill of moving into a new house alive and remind you that there are finer things in life to be happy about and look forward to. These things can include friends and family who are always there for you, new neighbours who welcome you with open arms and even some nice new gifts that show you how much you mean to people around you!

So, if your friend just moved into a new house, or your next door empty house just got a new resident, a small gift goes a long way! Our Monte Carlo Gift Basket is perfect to celebrate occasions like this.

Monte Cristo Gift Basket includes:

Brut Sparkling Wine: No celebration is complete without a bottle of delicious sparkling wine. Brut Sparkling Wine has a light yellow colour, aromas of apple, baked bread and citrus with light toast and butter notes; dry, medium-bodied, with a lively sparkle and balanced acidity, flavours of fresh apple, citrus with light nut and yeasty notes on the finish.

Hardbite Handcrafted kettle Chips: These all-natural potato chips contain zero GMOs, no preservatives, no trans fat and no gluten. They don’t only make a yummy snack but are also super healthy.

Tim Horton’s Coffee: Turn the warmth on with this coffee made from 100% Arabica beans. There’s nothing like a fresh cup of premium coffee.

Lindor Chocolate Box:  Want to celebrate a happy occasion? These chocolates will make everything better with their rich and creamy texture.

French Assorted Truffles: In the mood for something sweet? There is no going wrong with these French Assorted Truffles.

Onion Seasoned Crackers: Need something savoury to balance out the sweet? These onion seasoned crackers will add the necessary crunch to your evening tea.

Artisan Cookies: You’ll want to keep these for special occasions. Their superior flavour will make any day brighter.

Heidi Milk Chocolate: Ever wish there was a chocolate that complemented wine? Lo and behold, here it is! Enjoy it with a glass of your favourite one.

Schneider’s Chocolate: They say nothing is sweeter than chocolate and this one will make the sweetest thing you’ll share with your favourite people.

Castello Brie Cheese: This soft white mould cheese has a mildly tangy flavour and its smooth texture will bring a new burst of flavour to your cookies.

Fraktals Handmade Chocolate: Anyone who has Fraktals handmade chocolates knows that there are very few delicious things that can compare to it.

Glen Farms Scottish Marmalade: This gourmet marmalade will add a delicious, tangy spin to your sandwiches.

The Monte Cristo gift basket can be delivered to your friends and family anywhere in Canada. If your friend has just moved to Toronto, GTA, we also offer free, same-day delivery in the area with our delivery service by Alexandria Gifts.

The gift basket will be carefully bundled with love and secured with cellophane. The décor will be finished off with an elegant bow. We’ve also included a complimentary greeting card.