Wall Street Gift Basket
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    Wall Street Gift Basket


    Wall Street Gift Basket is hand-woven and made using only the best rattan. Hand-crafted to wove and intertwine each layer with such perfection, this basket is not only such a fantastic addition to really tie a great gift together, but it also acts as such a versatile item to own in your home.

    Wall Street Gift Basket includes:

    – Lindor chocolate box

    – French truffles

    – Artisan crackers

    – Godiva chocolate bar

    – Heidi chocolate bar

    – Bajadera chocolate box

    – Hardbite hand crafted chips

    – Caramel pop corn

    – Schneider’s chocolate

    – Walkers shortbread

    – Macleod’s handmade cookies

    – Brie cheese

    – Jars of olives

    – Laura Secord milk chocolate

    – Saxon Toffee Cappuccino chocolate

    – Saxon Crispy Pearls

    Wall Street Gift Basket will arrive wrapped in cellophane, decorated with a large elegant bow, also includes complimentary greeting card.

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    If you’re thinking of sending your loved one a warm and heartfelt gift, our Wall Street Gift Basket is the perfect choice. Consisting of some of the most delicious treats, handpicked by our team at Alexandria Gifts, this basket is sure to delight anyone.

    Wall Street Gift Basket includes:

    Lindor Chocolate Box: Feeling like something sweet? These scrumptious chocolates by Lindor will be sure to make your day! Eat them alone or share the box with your loved ones, these chocolates are sure to satisfy the sweet cravings. 

    French Truffles: The rich and creamy texture of these French truffles will make sure that your day starts well and ends better.

    Artisan Crackers: Want a light snack for the evening? Nibble on these artisan crackers and you’ll never go back to the conventional snacking! These delicious, light crackers will fill you with a fresh burst of flavor.

    GODIVA Chocolate Bar: There’s nothing better to sweeten up your happy moments than with a bar of yummy-licious chocolate. For your next achievement, keep a GODIVA Chocolate bar handy!

    Heidi Chocolate Bar: Want to share your special moment with your favorite people? There is nothing like passing around a delicious chocolate bar and living in the moment! 

    Bajadera Chocolate Box: Want to show someone how much you value them? The Bajadera chocolate box will deliver the message loud and clear.

    Hardbite Hand Crafted Chips: Craving something savory after all that sweet? These handcrafted chips by Hardbite will make every crunch worth it with the superior quality and delicious flavor.

     Caramel Popcorn: Tired of non-flavored popcorn to liven up your movie nights? Switch things up with these finger-licking sweet caramel popcorn!

     Schneider’s Chocolate: There’s no such thing as too much chocolate! When the random cravings hit you, bring out a bar of Schneider’s Chocolate and enjoy a mouth-watering treat.

     Walkers Shortbread: Perfect for a time when all you need is a light, flavorsome snack, Walker’s shortbread will be sure to never disappoint.

     Mary Macleod’s Handmade Cookies: If you don’t want something too heavy, yet are craving something tastefully sweet, these handmade cookies will make the perfect choice!

     Brie Cheese: Spread Brie Cheese on your crackers and enjoy them with evening tea or use it to make your breakfast more flavorful!

     Jars Of Olives: Do you love olives on pizza? You’re bound to love them on anything! Enjoy olives on sandwiches, lasagna, pasta and whatever it is that you’re cooking tonight!

     Laura Secord Milk Chocolate: Liven up your evenings with this mouth-watering dessert!

     Saxon Toffee Cappuccino Chocolate: Take a bite and let the rich, creamy chocolate melt in your mouth giving you a delicious burst of flavor!

     Saxon Crispy Pearls: Bored of biting onto chocolate bars? Pop these pearls in your mouth and enjoy the rich tasting flavor!

     Wall Street Gift Basket can be delivered anywhere in Canada with our fast and efficient delivery service. It can also be delivered within Toronto GTA, free of cost, on the same day as the order with our exclusive Alexandria Gift delivery service.

    Wall Street Gift Basket is delivered wrapped in cellophane, topped with a bow, including a complementary greeting card.