Exclusive Gift Basket-Big Surprise Gift Basket

    Exclusive Gift Basket-Big Surprise Gift Basket


    Gourmet Surprise Gift Basket includes such a fine assortment of all of your favorite goodies! From sweet treats to salty snacks, there is something for everyone in this basket. No matter what the occasion may be, treat your recipient the best way possible this next celebration with this beautiful basket from Alexandria Gifts.

    Gourmet Surprise Gift Basket includes:

    – Cantucci Italian Almond Cookies

    – Ferre Rocher Chocolate Box

    – Raffaelo Chocolate Box

    – Sesame Crispy Crackers

    – French Cocoa Truffles

    – Sparkling Water from Ginger and Lemongrass

    – Organic Apricot Jam

    – Elegant Textile Basket

    Gourmet Surprise Gift Basket will arrive wrapped in cellophane and decorated with a large elegant bow, a complimentary greeting card is included as well.

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    We all get busy with our lives. In fact, some of us get so busy that we often forget about the people around us who need us and are counting on us. And there’s no one to blame really because life gets tough and there’s just so much to do. But the people who have stuck with us through our thick and thin deserve better.

    One way to be there for our favourite people, even in our busy lives, is to be there for them in their celebrations and successes, whatever way we can, however far we are. A great example of this would be to send them gifts as tokens of love, to remind them just how much they mean to us. So, if your best friend, or a relative, or even the couple you’ve been rooting for this entire time just moved into their new home, you know what to do.

    A gift basket like this one called ‘Gourmet Surprise’ put together by our team at Alexandria Gifts is the perfect gift for people who have just moved into their new house. Here’s everything that the basket contains.

    Cantucci Italian Almond Cookies: Cantucci or Biscotti di Prato are crunchy almond cookies from Tuscany, it looks and taste delicious.

    Ferre Rocher Chocolate Box: Tempting  combination of luscious, creamy, chocolaty filling surrounding a whole hazelnut, within a delicate crisp wafer…all enveloped in milk chocolate and finely chopped hazelnuts. Perfect for gifting or sharing.

    Raffaelo Chocolate Box: Is a unique blend of select ingredients: an almond surrounded by a fine milk cream, then covered with a crisp, delicate wafer and sprinkled with tender shredded coconut.

    Sesame Crackers:  These crackers have a delicious taste of olive oil and sea salt, and are crispy to utter perfection. Such delicate yet crunchy crackers pair perfectly well with your favorite cheeses, spreads, and dips!

    French Cocoa Truffles: These truffles will stand by you through your dull days.

    Sparkling Water: A light, crisp sparkling water beverage with flavors of ginger and lemongrass.

    Organic Apricot Jam: With the use of only organic ingredients, these jams will leave you breathless. Imagine freshly picked fruit, which using a family traditional recipe, are cooked with a slow, low temperature method to preserve their aroma and taste. It’s like eating freshly picked fruits – we guarantee it!

    Elegant Textile Basket: This elegant basket can be add-ons to every home, for organizing your belongings.

    Want to surprise your friends and family with a gift? You can have the Gourmet Surprise Gift Basket delivered anywhere in Canada. If want to send it to Toronto, GTA, we offer free, same-day delivery in the area.

    The gift basket will be hand-decorated, wrapped in cellophane and finished off with an elegant bow. We also include a complimentary greeting card.