Healthy Gift Baskets

Healthy eating doesn't have to just be a fad or a diet plan, you can make smart food choices and still enjoy a wide variety of delicious foods. Join Alexandria Gifts and let's make smarter and more positive choices this year by gifting green, organic and local goodies to our friends, family and co-workers. This line of gift baskets isn't just loaded with exquisite, indulgent, healthy choice treats, but they are also filled with local, organic items that help support local Canadian communities and businesses. Every gifted basket is a beautiful sentiment both to the recipient and to the Canadian farmers and businesses who are pioneering greener industries for a healthier Canada. With Alexandria Gifts you can give the gift of good health, a brighter future, and a hoard of mouth-watering, luxury goodies – all in one beautiful basket! Make healthier choices with Alexandria Gifts.


Do you have dietary restrictions or follow a lifestyle diet? We make it easier for you to find exactly what you need. Browse for solutions and inspirations here.

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