Why Giving Gifts Makes You Feel Good

Over the years, there has been a considerable amount of research about the positive feelings that occur when we give gifts to people that we care about. The result is that psychology researchers confirm the old saying “It is better to give than receive”. They say that spending money on other people sometimes have a more positive impact on happiness than spending money on oneself. But why is giving a custom gift basket more rewarding than receiving one?

Well, first it enables you to feel generous and valuable, to experience an entire positive self concept. Second, it allows you to share your emotions with the receiver, thus building and strengthening your connections. And those connections with people give you a special feeling of satisfaction that brings out the best in you.

Different reason for gifting

As research shows, gift giving can be done for a variety of reasons, but the psychology behind it is always a spark of good feelings.

The need for symbolic communication

When it comes to gifts it’s the thought that counts most. This is because we attach symbolic meaning to gifts. However, gender plays a big role in gifts we choose. While women tend to attach more meaning and sentimentality to gifts, men tend to be more practical and give functional gifts.

To create a cycle of gift giving

Gifts represent a desire to build or strengthen a relationship, but they also require some form of reciprocation. In order to prevent ill feelings gifts must be repaid thus creating a cycle of gift giving as a form of unsaid understanding that the feelings are mutual.

As a form of altruism

Some gifts are given with no expected return, as the ones that we get for our children or pets. However, these gifts are reciprocated in other ways, such as through love and appreciation. There are several theories why people give such gifts, and most of them claim that dopamine-using pleasure circuitry in our brain is activated by charitable giving. Again, it seems that we give because it makes us feel good.

What to expect when giving a custom gift basket?

Based on the gift giving psychology, here’s what you can expect in return when giving a custom gift basket:

To feel happy

Simply put, the giving of custom gift basket will make you feel happier about yourself as well as the person that has received your gift. The result is – you will actually feel better and happier about your own life!

To improve your state of mind

If giving a gift makes you feel happier and give you a sense of purpose then it will inevitably improve your state of mind.

To build and maintain strong relationships

By giving a gift, you are both expressing your feelings and building a stronger connection to the receiver. This way, you both feel closer to each other. This social connection also means that your state of being and your overall happiness will be inevitably improved.

To incite other people to give gifts

When you give a gift, the receiver is automatically more likely to give you and other people gifts. But the magical feelings of release of the endorphins will be also transferred to those around who see this act, so they will start giving as well. So, why don’t you be the one who will start this wonderful circle of gift giving?

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