Today Valentine’s day is a widely celebrated commercial holiday, raking in 20 billion dollars in America last year alone. Men and women purchase and receive flowers, candies and gifts and share romantic outings across the globe. But did you know that some countries celebrate the holiday of love a little differently?

In Wales, the Welsh also celebrate their own special version of Valentine’s Day on January 25th. The special holiday is called St. Dwynwen’s Day and honours the Welsh saint of love. Every year couples exchange cards and gifts just like Valentine’s Day, but another common and traditional gift given at this time is a Welsh lovespoon. The lovespoon is an ornate hand-carved spoon adorned with meaningful symbols, meant to be a classic Welsh token of love.

In Japan it’s customary for women to be the gift givers on Valentine’s Day. Women across Japan purchase so much chocolate for the important men in their lives that half of all annual chocolates sales in Japan are made during the weeks that precede Valentine’s Day. Men are then expected to return the favour and gift back to the women on a special Japanese holiday named White Day on March 14th.

In the Philippines they take Valentines Day romance to the next level! Every year many cities and towns are host to mass Valentine’s Day weddings across the country. Tourists and locals alike come to participate by the thousands to be wed in massive group-wedding celebrations on Valentine’s Day.

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